The Cake

“The Best Chocolate Cake in the World”… It’s quite a statement, we know, but the cake is up to it!

It first appeared in 1987, on the dessert menu of the Portuguese chef Carlos Braz Lopes Lisbon-based restaurant, where his customers eventually came just for a slice of cake. The cake was in such high demand that Carlos Braz Lopes decided to open a shop named after what his customers called “The Best Chocolate Cake in the World”.

But what makes it “the best”? This flourless cake is made of crispy layers of meringue and a creamy, soft chocolate mousse, which give it a wonderful and unique texture. To top it all, a superb Valrhona chocolate ganache. Also, it’s totally handmade, layer by layer, to give it an artisanal look. And these are the only details we can reveal, since its recipe is a closely guarded secret that’s travelling the world.

At the moment, “The Best Chocolate Cake in the World by CBL” has dedicated stores and a vast resellers network in countries like Portugal, Spain, Brazil, USA, Angola and Australia. We’re in the UK now, to delight all the chocolate lovers!

Varieties & Sizes

53% of cocoa

70% of cocoa

Large (14-16 portions)
Small (6-8 portions)
Mini (individual portion)

A suggestion…
If you want to experience The Best Chocolate Cake in the World slice by slice, cut them with warm knives, so that they come out perfectly shaped! Just warm the knife under tap water and… indulge yourself!

Where we are

Currently we are at:

Fortnum & Mason

181 Piccadilly, Ground Floor
London W1A 1ER

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We're also in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, USA, Angola, Australia, Germany and Austria.

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